Process until making a successful bid
Here, we would like to explain you the way of using general used vehicle auction agent.

However, what we will introduce you here is only one of the examples among many agents, so please keep in mind that depending on the agent, there are possibility where they provide a service which greatly differs from what we mention here.
Selecting the auction agent
  1. Selection
    Before selecting the used vehicle auction agent, you should check the market price of the vehicle auction price. You can contact each auction agent or check the market price list which the agent publishes. We also recommend you to search the market price on the internet as well.

    div class="margin10" The market price of the used vehicles are actively published on the internet these days, so please refer to those. Once you completed checking the market price, you will have to select an agent. The point of selecting an agent is as of what we mentioned at “purchasing vehicle at the auction”. Please search for an agent which matches your own needs.
  2. Order
    The next thing you do after selecting an agent is to order. Order may be done through the request home page of each auction agent. We believe it will be easier to order through the home page, however if you want to order face to face, please contact each agent. Once they receive the request, they will send you the contract. If you agree with the contract contents, you will sign the contract and send it back to the agent.
  3. Vehicle check
    Once the contract is concluded, you will wait until the day before the auction date. The auction agent will send you the list of the vehicle type you want on the day before the auction date. If you find the vehicle you want, you will inform the agent. The agent will send you the picture of the vehicle, or a report of what they actually confirmed with their own eyes.

    Since you cannot enter the auction house, the picture check will be very important. You should focus on this process. If you have any parts which you want them to focus on taking the photos, please tell them your request. Also, the inspector of the agent may check the vehicle on the day before the auction date.

    They cannot actually drive the vehicle, however, they may check whether the air conditioner, etc., works, or confirm the interior and exterior. This confirmation procedure is called “The actual vehicle pre-inspection”.
  4. Purchasing
    If you find a vehicle you want to purchase in the vehicles sent to you, please inform the agent. The auction agent will send you the report with further information regarding the vehicle. In many cases, pictures will be sent along with the report at this time. Pictures and report are very important resources for us who cannot actually confirm the vehicle so please take a look at them very carefully.

    After you are done with checking the report and pictures and think you want to participate in the bidding, you will inform the agent. This time, make sure to inform them up to how much you can bid. For example, if you can pay up to 1,500,000 yen and would like to drop out when it exceeds the price, you should inform them that the maximum value is 1,500,000 yen.
  5. Auction
    Once you completed all the procedure, the auction will begin. Whether you can make a successful bid of the vehicle at the auction will be depended on the maximum value and the agent’s skill. In case of failing the auction (fail to make a successful bid), how the case will be handled will be different among the agent. Some agents will not ask for any commission in case of losing the auction, however, some of them will ask for the bidding commission each time. It will be important to check in advance.

    After you make a successful bid, you will be receiving the vehicle. Once you receive the vehicle, you will have to make a payment. In some cases, the payment shall be done before receiving the vehicle.
  6. Name change
    After making a payment you will have to do the name change. Name change of the vehicle is quite a troublesome process. There will be quite a lot of necessary documents such as the parking space certificate, certificate of seal-impression, certificate of assignment, a letter of attorney, etc. You can have the agent to do it for you if you do not prefer going over the process. However, it will cost you few thousand yens, if you ask them. On the other hand, if you complete all the process on your own, it will only cost you 3,000 yen – for the legal cost. Requesting the agent to do the name change by paying them, is pretty much like buying time by money.

    Once you are done sending the detailed documents and accessories, all the process will be completed. It might seem like a hard work when you read it, but it’s actually not that hard. Nowadays, you can easily look for an agent or check the market price on the internet, and the agent will do everything such as checking favorable vehicle, bidding, etc. All you have to do is wait after telling your request to the agent.

    Even the most troublesome name change, you can have the agent to do it for you by paying few million yens. If you buy the vehicle at the vehicle auction, you will be saving few million yens, so you can make a payment from the money you saved at the auction.

    Now I believe you found out how the used vehicle auction is a very convenient way to buy a vehicle with cheap price without a troublesome work.
Used vehicle auction, and tricks of making a successful bid
At the end, we will explain you a little trick to raise the probability of making a successful bid at the used vehicle auction. The price of the new vehicle are basically determined by its efficiency, however the used vehicle price are basically determined by the popularity of the vehicle type. Even the model is a little old, it can be sold with a higher price if the vehicle type is popular, on the other hand, unpopular vehicle type will not be sold with a higher price even it is new and the mileage is short and is in a good condition.

If you put yourself into the buyer’s situation, unpopular vehicle type might actually become a good target.

However, the vehicle type which has a very low popularity does not have much supply of the new vehicle since there are not much vehicles distributed, and there are cases which the used vehicle price jump up as a result.

The target is the vehicle type which was quite popular at the beginning and has been distributed sufficiently, and has suddenly dropped its popularity afterwards.

These vehicles has extremely less buyers (needs) compare to the distributed vehicles (supply), so the market will become favorable for the buyer. If you put an eye on these vehicles, the chance of making a successful bid will greatly increase.