Car Auction houses in Japan
What is a Car Auction house?
Car auction house is a place where a large collection of cars are gathered to be sold through an auction. These are cars owned by individuals who wants to sell their cars. The seller will pay a fee and put the car to an auction house to be auctioned. Some auction houses can hold up to 10,000 cars from different makers and models on a particular day for auctioning. Japanese inspection law is very strict on the condition and maintenance of personal cars. Due to this reason most of these cars are high in quality and reliable. The highest bidder will get the car if he meet the amount expected by the seller (current owner).
Pros and Cons of buying from an auction house
Due to the large number of vehicles under different makers, models,options you have a better chance of finding your dream car. The cost is low as the auction houses don't keep any profit margin. Authorised auction houses are reliable and provide an auction sheet to each vehicle which indicates all the details of the vehicles including accident history,Interior, Exterior condition, Engine condition, mileage, year, etc.. You can compare the auction sheet with the vehicle and claim for any damages which are not stated on the auction sheet. The negative point in buying a vehicle via auction house is you don't have the option of checking the car in person. You have to rely on the auction sheet and the photos given by the auction house. Which are most of the time accurate.
Important points to consider
It is important for to buy cars from a reliable auction house. Some auction houses tend to sell cars with large damages although it's not mentioned in the auction sheet in a straightforward way. You can always request for an inspection where you will be given a full detail description of the vehicle in addition to auction sheet.